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    Installing JBOSS on SGI Irix

    Marcus Cordes Newbie

      I´m studying IT in Germany and for my final exam I have to build an adminsitration tool for a company.
      My Idea was to do this with EJB`s and MySql and I already started the development on my Windows NT.

      Now I got the machine where i have to devleope and install my tool...and it is an SGI Irix Release 6.5.... I can`t change the machine....

      Is there any knowledge about installing JBOSS 3.2.* with MySql, Ant and JDK on an SGI Irix?
      Can somebody who already did this tell me, what components to use and if it works?

      Do I need the SGI - JDK, and does it work with ant and JBOSS?

      Thanks for answers....

      I`ll post it, when I know more about