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    Ant + Jboss ejbjar task

    albert_steed Newbie


      I have a build.xml that I use for developing Jonas EJB and would like to port everything to Jboss with minimal changes.

      I have the following task in ant:

      <taskdef name="ejbjar" classname="org.objectweb.jonas.ant.EjbJar" classpath="C:/JOnAS-4.0.0/lib/common/ow_jonas_ant.jar"/>
      What are the new values I need in order to run the same script and generate Jboss ejbs?
      Thanks in advance,
      Albert Steed.

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          Raja Master

          I have never used Jonas but the task u specify is very simple for any deployment unit. Im not sure why you need a jonas specific ant task to do this. Generate the ejb-jar.xml for the EJBs(XDoclet is ur friend here) and then pack them using the Regular Ant JAR command.