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    Changing default URL for JBoss deployment of war files

    cjimison Newbie

      I am trying to run JBoss on a Solaris 8 network using NFS. What I want to happen is on one server I would have JBoss running. In the deploy directory there would be symlinks to a directory in my system users home directory (these symlinks would be named after the persons user name). This way each user can keep all their files on their own file quota. When a new war is deployed by a user in this directory here is the url I would like to see:

      http://server:port/userName/War to deploy

      Instead hot deploy goes into the symlink directory and this is the URL I get

      http://server:port/War to deploy.

      I really need the symlink name in the url because there may be many test.war files on the system.

      If you guys could point me to the documentation that cover such things I would be most obliged.
      Thanks for any help.