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    Can a deployed WAR filename be accessed through the System D

    Sumanth R Newbie


      My requirement is that the user should be able to access the index page when he types in only the system DNS name. For Eg: My system name is xyz and the domain is aaaa.com. The DNS is configured so that xyz.aaaa.com directs to my system.
      I have modified the JBOSS (tomcat4-service.xml)config settings so that the pages are accessible through port 80.
      At the moment, I can access the WAR file named sgui.war by keying in http://xyz.aaaa.com/sgui

      Is there any way I can make it accessible by only keying in
      http://xyz.aaaa.com ??

      Kindly help me in this regard...

      thank you...

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          Raja Master

          Check out the context root tag in jboss_web.xml
          <!-- The context-root element specifies the context root of a web
          application. This is normally specified at the ear level using the standard
          J2EE application.xml descriptor, but it may be given here for standalone wars.
          This should not override the application.xml level specification.
          <!ELEMENT context-root (#PCDATA)>

          Specifying the context-root to be / in jboss-app.xml will get u to ur webapp if u just specify the DNS Name. Changing it in ur application.xml should also do the same IIRC.