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    Unable to compile inspectMBean_jsp.java file

    et Newbie


      I need some help. I installed jboss 3.2.3 on Mac OSX.
      I run JBoss, I access the jmx console and it seems ok but when I try to click on any link in the console this error appears:

      The server encountered an internal error () that prevented it from fulfilling this request.

      org.apache.jasper.JasperException: Unable to compile class for JSP

      An error occurred at line: -1 in the jsp file: null

      Generated servlet error:
      [javac] Compiling 1 source file
      [javac] /Applications/jboss-3.2.3/server/default/work/MainEngine/localhost/jmx-console/inspectMBean_jsp.java:37: escapeElementEntities(java.lang.String) has protected access in org.jdom.output.XMLOutputter
      [javac] return xmlOutput.escapeElementEntities(s);
      [javac] ^
      [javac] /Applications/jboss-3.2.3/server/default/work/MainEngine/localhost/jmx-console/inspectMBean_jsp.java:45: escapeAttributeEntities(java.lang.String) has protected access in org.jdom.output.XMLOutputter
      [javac] return xmlOutput.escapeAttributeEntities(s);
      [javac] ^
      [javac] Note: /Applications/jboss-3.2.3/server/default/work/MainEngine/localhost/jmx-console/inspectMBean_jsp.java uses or overrides a deprecated API.
      [javac] Note: Recompile with -deprecation for details.
      [javac] 2 errors

      at org.apache.jasper.compiler.DefaultErrorHandler.javacError(DefaultErrorHandler.java:130)
      at org.apache.jasper.compiler.ErrorDispatcher.javacError(ErrorDispatcher.java:293)
      at org.apache.jasper.compiler.Compiler.generateClass(Compiler.java:353)
      at org.apache.jasper.compiler.Compiler.compile(Compiler.java:370)

      any idea?