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    Single vs. Multiple JVMs

    bcannon Newbie

      The J2EE & EJB specs permit a J2EE server to implement a web container, ejb container, and, indeed, separate instances of beans within the same EJB container in multiple JVM instances.

      Our current usage of JBoss (v3.2.1 w/Tomcat) suggests that the JBoss implementation places all containers & beans into a single JVM. However, I haven't been able to find any documentation confirming (or denying) that this is the current JBoss architecture or describing where or how to configure the number of JVMs (if that is even possible).

      With this version of JBoss, are we guaranteed that the Web container and EJB container will be executed within a single JVM? If not, under what conditions might multiple JVMs be used? If this can be configured, how?