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    Application Deployment

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      Hi all,

      I followed the official Tutorial to write and deploy a J2EE application with JBoss, JBoss-IDE and Esclipe. However, it failed with errors during Deployment, although Esclipe showed "Deployment Successful". The error is

      01:10:16,628 WARN [verifier] EJB spec violation:
      Bean : Fibo
      Section: 22.2
      Warning: The Bean Provider must specify the fully-qualified name of
      the Java class that implements the enterprise bean's business methods
      in the <ejb-class> element.
      Info : Class not found on 'tutorial.ejb.FiboBean': No ClassLoaders
      found for: tutorial.ejb.FiboBean

      I have raised this question in the forum of JBoss-IDE but no one can solve. I am afraid that it should belong to the deployment problem.

      You can download the source from http://hk.geocities.com/stanley1610/jbosside.htm

      Please help tell me how to deploy. Thanks.