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    Issue with DTD ??

    Simon Benvenutto Newbie

      Is there an issue with the DTDs for the JBoss specific DDs? I've got an Ant XSLT task that processes them and is trying to resolve the external URI, get the following error:

      [xslt] E:/rates/services/generated-conf/domain/META-INF/jbosscmp-jdbc.xml:2: Fatal Error! External entity not found: "http://www.jboss.org/j2ee/dtd/jbosscmp-jdbc_3_2.dtd".



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          dannyyates Newbie

          Hi Simon,

          The DTD does exist at that URL. Perhaps you need to go via a proxy to access the Internet, which IE understands but ANT doesn't?

          ANT will be trying to resolve the DTD externally because it won't have an EnitityResolver configured which understands the public ID. Perhaps you can tell the xslt task to put the XML parser in a non-validating mode? That might stop it trying to open the DTD.