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    Possibility of running JBoss on a single port?

    Bart Elberg Newbie

      I am exploring options for running one of our J2EE applications behind a firewall with a minimal number of ports open outside the firewall. Before spending anymore time on any approach, I just want to make sure that it is even possible. My configuration is: Jboss 3.2.3 running on Linux.

      1) Is it possible to configure JBoss to run an application (simple HTTP using Tomcat/Coyote) with only a single port open?

      2) Is it possible to add remote EJB access on the same port? I have run the JNDI over HTTP successfully, and know that RMI needs to be addressed, but the (pay for) documentation is not clear. Best I can figure is to use RMIAdaptor or JMX MBean Server??

      Thank you in advance for any help,