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    how to see my ejb in the java:comp/env context??

    chris75be Newbie

      I have developped a very simple bean called MyBean and I would like to see it in the java:comp/env context ?
      But when I look at the JNDI info in the console, I see this information:
      java: Namespace
      +- XAConnectionFactory (class: org.jboss.mq.SpyXAConnectionFactory)
      +- DefaultDS (class: org.jboss.resource.adapter.jdbc.WrapperDataSource)
      +- SecurityProxyFactory (class:
      +- DefaultJMSProvider (class: org.jboss.jms.jndi.JBossMQProvider)
      +- comp (class: javax.naming.Context)
      +- JmsXA (class: org.jboss.resource.adapter.jms.JmsConnectionFactoryImpl)
      +- ConnectionFactory (class: org.jboss.mq.SpyConnectionFactory)
      +- jaas (class: javax.naming.Context)
      | +- JmsXARealm (class:
      | +- jbossmq (class: org.jboss.security.plugins.SecurityDomainContext)
      | +- HsqlDbRealm (class:
      +- timedCacheFactory (class: javax.naming.Context) Failed to lookup: timedCacheFactory, errmsg=null
      +- TransactionPropagationContextExporter (class:
      +- Mail (class: javax.mail.Session)
      +- StdJMSPool (class: org.jboss.jms.asf.StdServerSessionPoolFactory)
      +- TransactionPropagationContextImporter (class:
      +- TransactionManager (class: org.jboss.tm.TxManager)

      The java:comp doesn't contain anything about my bean..
      And when I try to contact it from my client application with
      Object ref = (MyBeanHome)jndiContext.lookup("java:comp/env/ejb/MyBeanHome");

      The program just stop without any error message.. Doesn't it find my ejb?
      Can you help me on that please?
      Thank you in advance