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    Config Web Application in JBoss for Development Environment

    null null Newbie


      I have a web application running on Tomcat stand-alone and I want to start using EJBs on my application. However, before starting to use the EJBs, I wanted to config my application to run in the Tomcat of JBoss.

      How do I config an web application in the JBoss ? in other words, the same thing I did in conf/server.xml in Tomcat. I want to create a context and point it to a directory. Is this possible in JBoss ? I know I can create an .EAR file of my application and deploy it in the JBoss but in a Develpoment Environment this doesn't work because I can't create an .EAR everytime I make a change in the application code.

      I hope everyone got my point. Help is very welcome.