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    JBoss support for WINDOWS98

    sahabs Newbie

      Hi there
      Which version(if any) of JBoss is supported on WINDOWS98?
      I couldn't start the server for JBoss4.0 or JBoss3.2 on Windows98.
      Please advise.

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          ophionman Newbie

          both 3 and 4 shoudl run. but why would you want that???

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            sahabs Newbie

            On windows98 I couldn't start server for JBoss4.0 or JBoss3.2.
            when I execute run.bat from bin directory, I get the following error message:

            C:\JBOSS\jboss-4.0.0DR4\bin>dir run.bat

            Volume in drive C is WINDOWS 98
            Volume Serial Number is 2768-14ED
            Directory of C:\JBOSS\jboss-4.0.0DR4\bin

            RUN BAT 3,177 05-19-04 2:14a run.bat
            1 file(s) 3,177 bytes
            0 dir(s) 936.82 MB free
            Out of environment space
            Out of environment space
            Could not locate . Please check that you are in the
            bin directory when running this script.
            Press any key to continue . . .

            Any lead? Please advise.

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              Carlo de Wolf Master

              lol, you should set the enviroment size to maximum (it's on one of the shortcut properties tabs).
              It should come up reasonably fine. If you start deploying you'll again run into either the environment problem or the limited path sizes of w98.
              Anyway you should really be running a production environment under Linux or some commercial Unix variant.
              I haven't tried it since ages, but it'll be a good laugh if you can get it going.