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    AjaxStateManager doesn't support compression

    Stephane Moreau Newbie


      I am now using RichFaces for more than two years and I am very pleased of using it. It is a very powerful framework which allows me to do complicated Ajax with simple tags! :)

      However, I noticed that the RichFaces state manager (org.ajax4jsf.application.AjaxStateManager) does not support compression.
      In other words, the parameter org.apache.myfaces.COMPRESS_STATE_IN_SESSION is completely ignored.
      After checking the code of the version 3.3.2.SR1, it seems that compressing the view state has not been implemented in RichFaces.

      Is there any reason for that?
      JSF is doing it, so why not RichFaces?

      I extended the AjaxStateManager and implemented the compression on my own project. It seems to work perfectly fine and to use less memory.

      Would it be something you would consider to add directly into RichFaces?
      If yes, you can find the code of my extended state manager at the following URL: http://www.logikdev.com/2009/11/17/richfaces-is-too-greedy/