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    config more than one datasource in jboss 3.2.X ?

    Jon Newbie


      I know how config one datasource changing the DefaultsDS for one of my DataSource and my aplication run OK. But I need to configure more than one datasource because in my oracle I have two schemas.

      I have a Servlet aplication, then I use Tomcat over jboss

      my jboss-web.xml is

      and my web.xml have the resource-ref too.

      I put into de server/default/deploy two files OracleStats-ds.xml and OracleLims-ds.xml with the datasource configuration

      < password>my_pass< /password>

      but the aplication view tha java class LinkRef but not DataSource and I can't connect

      ¿other configuration in standardjaws.xml or standardjbosscmp-jdbc.xml or login-config.xml without modify DefaultDS?