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    jboss.bind.address in 3.2.2 and 3.2.3

    Markus Härnvi Newbie

      In 3.2.2 JBoss by default would bind all interfaces on Linux:

      tcp 0 0 *:1099* LISTEN 7780/java

      This had some bad affects on JMS. JBoss would tell the clients to access

      See this posting:

      In 3.2.3 it always just listen on one interface. I tried to set jboss.bind.address to "", since it says in jboss-service.xml that it will then default to all interfaces. But it stills only binds to the interfaces mapped to the IP address of the hostname.

      I need JMS to work, but I also would like to have JBoss listening on all interfaces. Can this be done?