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    On Mac OS X Server: Apache + JBoss?!

    Brice Ruth Newbie

      I've read through the various documents provided at http://www.apple.com/server/documentation/ on using Apache (Web Services) and JBoss (Application Server) - however, none of them indicated what exactly needs to be done to get an application that's successfully deployed to JBoss (http://server.domain.com:8080/application) to actually map to a site in Apache.

      I have an app ('support') that's successfully accessible at http://server.domain.com:8080/support - I'd like to setup Apache to serve http://support.domain.com/support - so, port 80, on a specific domain name.

      How do I do this?! I've been looking through resources here and through Google and I've gone through and enabled the jk_module - but the JK log indicates that it can't communicate with JBoss on the port indicated ... so I've tried modifying /Library/Tomcat/conf/server.xml, to no avail; I've looked at jbossweb-tomcat41.sar and it appears that it should be loading the AJP13 connector on port 8009, but netstat -an | grep -i 8009 returns nothing, so that connector isn't loading (at least not on that port). There doesn't appear to be anything at 9007, either.

      Has anyone out there gotten JBoss and Apache talking on OS X Server, w/o basically doing it all by hand (which I guess I can do, but it defeats the purpose of having OS X Server over a Linux box).

      Please, please help!

      Many thanks!
      Brice Ruth