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    data, log, tmp directories and -Djboss.server.home.url

    brasse Newbie


      I am trying to get jboss to use the server configuration in the directory that I specify by setting the system property jboss.server.home.url. The server start fine when I do this and everything seems as it should be at first glance. But! The data, log and tmp directories does not end up in the directory that I expected, namly the directory that jboss.server.home.url points to.

      I played around some more. Now I am also setting jboss.server.name and jboss.server.base.url. The data, log and tmp directories end up in JBOSS_DIST/server/$jboss.server.name and not in $jboss.server.home.url (or maybe $jboss.server.base.url/$jboss.server.name) as I would have expected.

      Does anyone know why this is? Perhaps this is the way that it us supposed to work? Can someone please explain? =)

      Thanks in advance!

      :.:: mattias

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          brasse Newbie

          OK. I have now done some more investigation and looked at some of the source code for jboss (ServerConfigImpl.java). What I have come up with is this:

          • When I set only jboss.server.home.dir the data, log and tmp directories end up where I want them to. But jboss seems to look for my jboss-service.xml file in $jboss.server.home.url, which is derived from jboss.home.url and defaults to the jboss distribution directory. This is not the behaiviour I want.
          • When I set both jboss.server.home.dir and jboss.server.home.url everything seems works the way I want it to.

            This solves my problem for now. However, I would still like to know how the jboss.xyz.dir and jboss.xyz.url properties are supposed to work and how they relate to each other.

            I hope that someone will be able to enlighten me on this subject. Thanks in advance!

            :.:: mattias