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    Basic Settings for Executting Jsp and Servlets...Plz

    aneeta Newbie

      Hello Every Body!
      Actually I am new to JBoss and JBoss Community..

      Problem I am having is that I am unable to run Servlets using JBoss Could any body help me that what steps should I follow to resolve this issue.....


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          Steve Lewis Expert

          What are you used to doing to run servlets? You're going to need to have the classes in the classpath (say classes or jarred in WEB-INF/lib).

          Then you're going to need to add it to web.xml as a servlet and servlet-mapping.

          What servlet container are you used to using? If you're using an older one, there's not a mechanism in JBoss/Tomcat to point directly to the classname in the HTTP URL. You have to add it to the web.xml now instead.