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      The author of the 'How do I start Jboss on boot with Linux' FAQ suggests that "[if Linux is not being run at run level 3 then] your system admin needs to be questioned on why your server needs to boot into X-Windows and needlessly waste system resources."

      Evidently the author is another anti-GUI purist fanatic who believes the insignificant CPU cycles and RAM lost driving the desktop (the author incorrectly presumes everyone runs X-Windows) matter to the administrator. In the real world it does matter to get up and running with the capabilities of Linux as soon as possible so that the task to be accomplished does not take too much time from the plethora of non-Linux irons-in-the-fire with which I deal. GUI interfaces facilitate that task.

      If the author has time to trial-and-error-to-death the command line approach to learning how to do something then have at it. I will opt for net productivity instead. Damn the statistically insignificant CPU cycles the desktop takes on todays fast machines.

      If the author and I were to each sit down to modern machines having an OS with which neither of us had experience, and if we both had the manuals and he proceeded to learn the system from the command prompt and I from a decent GUI -- he would get his butt kicked both in the short and long terms. He would, however, save a few meaningless dregs of CPU and RAM

      Abandon your command line religion -- the truth shall set you free.