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    How to use the console in a webapp : invalid console appende

    CHILLAN José Newbie

      I'am trying to import a webapp using Log4J, and it declares a ConsoleAppender. I am running JBoss 3.2.5

      I get this error during the initialisation
      "ERROR: invalid console appender config detected, console stream is looping"

      When I look in details, I see that System.out has been redirected to
      a "org.apache.tomcat.util.log.SystemLogHandler" which itself is redirected
      to a org.jboss.logging.util.LoggerStream.
      Then, what I can't figure out is that I have this cycle
      My Console Appender -> Tomcat Log Handler -> JBoss Log Stream -> My Console Appender !!!

      How can I get rid of this cycle cause I don't want JBoss to write in My Appender.
      Did anyone find a way to solve this problem ?