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    Adv. classloading: ear with two wars

    101 Newbie


      I've got an ear with two war's in it. The ear has a loader repository to isolate it from other deployments.

      But due to this loader repository the two war's can see each other's classes and as there is a duplication it causes a missbehaviour for me. (The duplication is needed because the classes are woven by AspectJ, so they are different, only their name is the same)

      There's a possibility to define a loader repository for war's and there i can set the java2ParentDelegaton=false to "loading with the deployment classes overriding the server classes" but it's only allowed for top level deployments.

      I've tried to configure tomcat in jboss-service.xml so that Java2ClassLoadingCompliance=false but after looking in the code it doesn't seem to be read anywhere.

      So I'm stuck... :( If someone knows the answer please could you add it here: http://www.jboss.org/wiki/Wiki.jsp?page=ClassLoadingConfiguration so everyone can lear from it? Or just answer here and I'll add it.

      Thanks in advance,

      - 101