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    jboss.bind.address parameter has no affect

    drippel Newbie

      I have a server with two NICs.
      One NIC and IP for an internal admin network. And the other NIC and IP exposed as part of an intranet.

      I am trying to configure JBoss to use the IP for the intranet by adding
      -Djboss.bind.address=<INTRANET IP> in run.bat.

      However, this is not working. The server starts up on the ADMIN IP address every time.

      In the JBoss web-console, the host is listed as the ADMIN IP address.
      And under JBoss System Properties, the jboss.bind.address is set to the INTRANET address I want. However, there is nothing running on the INTRANET address and nothing listening on that address. I have verified this with a small client app that tries to establish a JNDI context on the IP.

      Environment is.
      JBoss: 3.2.1 (200305041533)
      OS: Windows 2000
      JVM: 1.4.2_01-b06