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    JBoss has a weird caching strategy I think...

    borg Newbie

      Following problem:

      1 BMP EntityBean consisting of a Long id, int value and Calendar updateTime
      1 Stateless SessionBean accessing the above EB.

      Both have transaction set to Required.

      I started a transaction at the SB which creates a new EB with some values. After that, in another transaction, the SB tries to get the EB by the EB'S finder-method.
      The confusing thing: the EB's finder method got all the correct values (value and updateTime), returns the PK (i.e. the id) so a call on the EB's home-interface-finder-method will return the Local/Remote-Interface of that bean which should then be filled with all the values - but it isn't!
      The id and the value of the Remote-Interface have the correct value, but the updateTime is 0 (1970-01-01 00:01:00)!!!

      Following solution:

      I set JBoss commit-option for BMP EntityBeans from A to C. Now it works but calls to the BusinessLayer take much more time (~300ms instead of ~200ms)!

      Has anyone a suggestion how to solve this problem more efficiently? Why have *some* variables the correct value but *one* doesn't?!?

      PS: Im using MySQL (4.0.20), maybe that causes the problem, too, because MySQL does strange things with the TIMESTAMP column type...