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    CDK. How create composite controls

    Joachim Rosskopf Newbie


      I´m doing first steps with the Ajax4JSF CDK. The lack of documentation is somewhat tedious but no real problem, as you can take the Richfaces components as reference.

      But there is one Problem. The Richfaces components only define new functionallity. But I think it is a more common task to combine existing components. So I don´t have an example how to use the Ajax4JSF framework to address this problem.

      Okay there is the facelets way to define a new tag from a template. But there is no way to add some extra functionallity to glue these components together. And that is what I´m expecting from the CDK.

      Are there any examples/resources how to youse the template.jspx in this manner. Is it even possible? Or do I have to do it in the renderer base class? Thank you in advance.