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    Jboss is sucking air

    Jim Stoll Newbie

      brother developers

      Am trying to optimize our jboss3.2.3-server startup which is a copy of the "all" server.

      What must i keep in the copy i have made aside from my xxx.ear file.
      the only sevices we need for this .ear file are a serlet container and web services. no ejb, jms, cobra, nor clustered HTTPSessions, nor JAAS, nor single signon.

      If there is no well known minimal set of files that i must deploy for a simple tomcat / axis server

      any thoughts on where i can get a crossref of jboss sar/war/ear to their functions even if only on the grossest level?

      thank in advnace for your help..


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          hervais marc Newbie

          of course, I am just a newbee, but why not just stick to TOMCAT in your case, because it seems that for web services JBOSS is exactly using TOMCAT

          regards, MH

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            Jim Stoll Newbie

            as the founder of jboss would say " you just don't get it "

            the reason people are moving to jboss is because it is supported by real people, working stiffs who have a $financial$ stake in keeping the product supported.

            Not some college pukes or propeller heads who might look at your problem if they feel like it.

            I would have a great deal more trust in support i paid for than in the "free support" offered by the apache foundation, because you know that the guy who is getting paid NEEDS to help you.

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              Scott Stark Master

              The online admin guide gives an overview of the default and all configuration filesets. The default config is the correct place to start.