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    Progress on G4JSF integration; puzzling Firefox error

    Rob Jellinghaus Novice

      I have made more progress towards landing my GWT / JSF changes. In the last couple of days I've been focused on updating G4JSF to be compatible with the next GWT 1.4 release, both including my RPC extensions and also addressing a number of problems resulting from changes to the way GWT handles module startup.

      Right now I am encountering a puzzling error when trying to combine a GWT module with Ajax4JSF controls on the same page. This is (again) in the context of the uninteresting HelloWidget plus Seam booking example.

      Specifically, on Firefox on Windows, bringing up the page with both Ajax4JSF content and GWT content issues the following Javascript error:

      Object cannot be created in this context. Code: 9

      This is caused by a GWT script that is attempting to issue a "doc.write('< iframe... >')" in the body of the page. This exact same script works perfectly in this application on IE, and works great in my other example application with no Ajax4JSF included.

      If anyone here (Alex?) has any knowledge of what this Javascript bug means, or how to address it, please let me know. I have posted a page here which contains the example application that demonstrates this bug: http://unrealities.com/gwtjsf/20070406

      Any insight greatly appreciated.