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    Confiuring the null values

    preeti123 preeti123 Newbie

      Hi all,

      I have a page where a member registers his details. But I see that as soon as I open the page all the fields are with null string instead of blank. Is there any option for me to configure the settings such a way that I get the blank fieds as soon as I log in instead of null string. Pls let me know soon.

      Waiting for the reply


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          Himanshu Roongta Newbie

          The problem description is very abstract and outlines the behavior only from an end user's perspective. If you want to really get your issue resolved on this forum, you need to provide more details. However no guarantee it will be resolved if it is not a jboss issue (which in most likelihood it would turn out eventually)

          From what can be understood from the issue you are reporting, following check can be performed-

          a. Check the components which saves the data when user registered first time on your site and make sure is saving it correctly in db (or file system urggggghh)
          b. If a. is not an issue (i.e. the data was saved correctly) then it could be
          1. Front end(jsp/action class etc) is not rendering the values in the VO on the forms correctly. Simple test would be to have it print out the values on console and verify that.
          2. If the VO it self contains null values then check your middle tier, back end,stored proc, sql query etc which created the value object.

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            preeti123 preeti123 Newbie

            Thanks Topricana for the response.
            As I am very new to programming I am still learning( almost end user till last month)

            I have a page where the user enter the details in fields. As soon as I visit the page I see the fields as displaying null.
            But if I navigate to the same page thro' some other link I am getting blank fields.
            Why is it so? And I want to know wether there is any option in JBoss configuration to set the fields as blank before accessing it.

            If I view the source in both the pages. One is showing the value of the fiels as null and the other as blank.
            Pls clarify my doubt

            Thanks and Regards

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              aalmero Newbie

              you may initialize your value object's like String attribute to "";