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    DataSource problems

    R. Palan Newbie

      Hi all,

      Am having problems seeing a data source though it's registered in JNDI and is loaded by JBoss with no problems. Accessing the DS gives me a :

      java.sql.SQLException: Unexpected token: stored_proc_name
      15:50:52,747 INFO [STDOUT] at org.hsqldb.Trace.getError(Unknown Source)
      15:50:52,757 INFO [STDOUT] at org.hsqldb.jdbcResultSet.(Unknown Sourc
      15:50:52,757 INFO [STDOUT] at org.hsqldb.jdbcConnection.executeStandalone(U
      nknown Source)
      15:50:52,757 INFO [STDOUT] at org.hsqldb.jdbcConnection.execute(Unknown Sou
      15:50:52,757 INFO [STDOUT] at org.hsqldb.jdbcStatement.fetchResult(Unknown
      15:50:52,757 INFO [STDOUT] at org.hsqldb.jdbcStatement.executeQuery(Unknown
      15:50:52,757 INFO [STDOUT] at org.jboss.resource.adapter.jdbc.WrappedStatem

      and then where I call it in my bean.

      The problem here is that I'm not using the Hypersonic driver and am actually using the JNet JSQLDriver, which works just fine if I explicitly make a connection to the data base URL.

      Is JBoss going to the included Hypersonic driver because it can't find the name ? I've included a jboss.xml like so:


      and a myDS file is :


      What am I missing ?