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    Managing Memory

    cheenu78 Newbie

      Hi all,
      I am using JBoss3.2.2RC3 and Oracle 9.2. I am using Windows XP with 512 mb of RAM. I have set Xms64m -Xmx128m for JBoss. I have a table with 8000+ records. While retrieving the records, it takes atleast 5 mins to fetch the records. More often than fetching I am getting

      org.jboss.tm.JBossTransactionRolledbackException: null; CausedByException is:
      null; nested exception is:
      java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException; - nested throwable: (java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException)
      Caused by: java.rmi.NoSuchObjectException
      Can anybody tell me how can I increase the performance of the system, and also how to avoid the above error.
      Thanks in advance