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    Datasource Configuration so that it uses caller principal

    Tom Hall Newbie


      I'm trying to configure JBoss 3.2.3 with Oracle 10g.
      What I need it to do is to get JBoss to associate the authenticated user with any queries passed through to Oracle and I want JBoss to continue to pool connections.

      Apparently Oracle allows a JDBC connection (session) to act as proxy for other JDBC connections that allows 'Scott2' to act as 'Scott' but be recorded as 'Scott2' in Oracle but authenticated with Oracle as 'Scott'.

      Does anyone know how to do it ?

      I know there is a way to do it with get database authentication happening with JBoss login configuration but how does that affect connection caching and how do you configure the connection to use the authenticated principal ?

      I expect that this is a pretty common requirement.

      Cheers Tom