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    JBoss multiple instances


      I am searching for some information on setting up multiple instances of JBoss running on one machine. After reading over a bunch of articles and documentation, I have been successful at running 2 instances in a load balanced configuration, but unsuccessful at adding another instance that is basically standalone.

      For our testing environment I need to have two instances set up to test load balanced deployments, I then will need to add n number of instances for system integration testing. These servers should not be run in a clustered environment and act as though they were on separate machines.

      To make the situation more fun I have one instance of Apache running, which has virtual hosts names added for each of the test systems, and I am using mod_jk2 to take care of the communication between Apache and the Tomcat service running in JBoss. Of course, this in all running on RedHat Linux 9.0.

      My problem appears to be that the standalone server is still acting as part of a load balanced cluster. I am able to get a initial request to it for a login, but any further requests come in with a new jsessionid and are unable to proceed.

      If anyone has any hints as to what may be the problem I would greatly appreciate it.