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    one Web application with multiple context roots?

    Bruno Beloff Newbie


      I'm running JBoss 3.2.3 (but will be moving to 3.2.5). I've got an application that needs to distinguish between different groups of users.

      One way of handling this is to have different subdomains point to the same server, and have the application examine the request URL (i.e. group1.myco.com, group2.myco.com). The problem with this is that I need a different SSL certificate for each subdomain, which is pricey.

      It occurs to me that an alternative would be to have different context roots for each group (i.e. www.myco.com/group1/..., www.myco.com/group2/...) but it seems I can only have one <context-root> for each web module in my application.xml deployment descriptor.

      Does anyone know of a good solution here?