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    Help: JBoss Stops Responding

    Peter Luttrell Newbie

      We're running JBoss3.2.3 with Jetty on Redhat 9.0 and suns 1.4.2_04 vm. On this appserver we have a simple jmx mbean that does direct socket communication with a vender for some crazy custom interface. We also have a servlet that we use to monitor the health of the jmx mbean.
      The problem we're facing is that periodically jboss completely stops responding. I can't get to my servlet, the jmx-console, nothing. The logs are of no help. We normally shutdown jboss with a Kill , which works to shut it down nicely. But when this problem occurs we can’t shut it down this way; We have to use kill -9 .

      Can anyone provide us any hints on where to start looking? This problem has caused us several outages a week and is really making us look bad.