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    Tomcat 5 Integration Basics

    Robert Krüger Newbie


      I'm currently evaluating migrating from a Tomcat 5 + Tyrex (JTA) combo to JBoss 3.2.x - Tomcat 5 (no EJB). I looked at the distribution and would like to ask a few basic questions regarding how Tomcat is integrated with JBoss.

      1) server.xml

      It looks as if I can use all normal Tomcat 5 configuration options with the integrated Tomcat, i.e. I will still be able to use my existing Services, Connectors and Hosts but have to use the corresponding JBoss Service Implementation. Is that correct?

      2) JNDI

      I assume that I will configure my datasources and in-memory TX manager with standard JBoss means and then be able to define ResourceLinks to the datasources or UserTX in my webapps. Is that correct?

      So I should be done by peforming the following steps:
      - configure TX manager and datasources in JBoss
      - modify my existing server.xml file (service impl and datasource resourcelinks)

      Am I missing something? Any gotchas I should look out forß

      Thanks in advance,