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    Preoblems with JNI-modules

    Frode Halvorsen Newbie

      When I run JBoss on a Windows-server, and uses InfoZoom-generated classes for accessing a DCOM-server, I am not able to redeploy my webapp.

      The server says :"java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Native Library C:\Program Files\infozoom\izmjnicom.dll already loaded in another classloader"

      Is there possibly a way to load this DLL elsewhere, and make JBoss only link to the loaded module rather than trying to load it again ?

      Why is the LIB not unloaded when the webapp undeploys ?

      Frode Halvorsen

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          Frode Halvorsen Newbie

          My initial problem was solved by creating a MBean that took care of the instanciating of the object that loaded the DLL.

          My next problem is to discover when the object has lost connection with the DCOM-server, and then restart the MBean.

          The detection is easey, because any call to any method of the object throws an exception if there is no connection.

          Now I have to figure out how I can restart the MBean from the servlet that discovered the error...

          Anyone done this before ?