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    Memory management of web apps. 2 webapp vs. 1 big webapp...

    Gabor Willner Newbie


      I have the following server resource-related question:

      We have 2 webapps deployed on the same instance of jboss. Both webapps are unscoped and they use their own connection pool instances.

      -As far as I know, both apps are running in the same JVM. Is that true?

      -As far as I know, unscoped applications share instances of classes, that have been instantiated by one of the applications. Is that true?

      -How do the 2 applications use memory resources of the server? Is there any way to limit memory resorces used by an application?

      -My tech. lead considers to put sources+properties of the two applications together in order to save operational memory. It's technically possible, but I do not like that idea. What is the difference in consuming of memory between 2 apps and 1 big app consisting by the sources of the 2?