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    Add excludes to DeploymentFilter

    David Newbie

      I would like to add several additional matches to the DeploymentFilter in jboss-service.xml. For example in the root of our war we have several symbolic links that link to several hundred gigabytes of content, I'd like skip that directory.

      Option 1 (Prefered):
      I would like to be able to specify addtional directories to ignore in an attribute of the mbean in jboss-service.xml but there doesn't seem to be any notion of and excludes list, in there.

      Option 2:
      Extend DeploymentFilter and add addtional "matches". However, this doesn't appear possible, this class doesn't lend itself to be extended.

      Option 3:
      Copy DeploymentFilter and create my own version. This is not a very desireable option, will be hard to maintain between releases of jboss.

      How does JBoss suggest that we add "excludes" the URLDeploymentScanner?