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    JBoss 3.2.5 and Dom4J

    Thomas Weise Newbie

      JBoss 3.2.5 switched from Jdom to dom4j, and ships with a version of dom4j, which appears to be 1.3-patched. This particular version contains bugs which were fixed in 1.4.

      We were using a dom4j version 1.4 prior to the upgrade and our code regressed due to the JBoss kernel supplied version.

      Since now dom4j.jar sits in the boot classpath under ${jboss.home}/lib there does not seem to be any other way to override it with our version than to replace it. I do not really like to change things in the core JBoss but this is what we ended up doing and there is no other choice, correct?

      I imagine dom4j is widely used and others may have run into the same issue?

      Will there be a change to this in an upcoming release? When Hibernate is going to become a core part, how will dom4j sitting in the boot path agree with it (due to the class loading tie).

      Any info or advice on this would be greatly appreciated!