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    Enabling clustering/farming

    joao paulo bati Newbie

      I installed JBoss 3.2.3 in two linux box, and I'm trying to configure both machines in cluster. I'm using the farming service to distribute my applications across the cluster's machines.
      The problem: if I copy an war file into one machine, the web application (corresponding to this war file) is not avaiable in the others machines.

      What are the steps to make a cluster environment (with farming enabled) with JBoss?
      I followed the following:
      1. Installed JBoss in all machines
      2. Started JBoss with all configuration
      3. Copied my WAR file to the directory server/all/farm of one of the machines.

      Is this correct?

      After that I can access the web application using machine1's IP address but not using another machine of the cluster.