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    Jboss and Tomcat on same machine

    Thilina Anjitha Newbie

      I want to run Tomcat and Jboss on same machine. While running these 2 servers i encountered a problem. I think the problem arises because, both Tomcat and Jboss use same 8080 port. First I run the Jboss and then started the tomcat. At this stage Jboss gives following error.
      12:37:56,392 INFO [Engine] StandardHost[localhost]: MAPPING configuration error

      Is there any configuration file in Jboss to change this port numbers or any other way to solve my problem? If so what are they and what entries need to be made?

      Thanks in advanced

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          janprill Novice

          Are you aware that JBoss comes bundled with a running tomcat. This is the reason, why a standalone tomcat and jboss are conflicting. Of course you could run them together and should change the ports in your $TOMCAT_HOME/conf/server.xml (e.g. search for <Connector port="8080"). But at first you should take into consideration if you couldn't deploy your webapp *.war simply to jboss.

          Best regards
          Jan Prill