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    Slow startup

    alessandro_rizzi Newbie

      I'm in a developing step of a big J2EE applications, with (at now) more that 35 jar each one with some EJB inside.
      I've JBoss 3.2.3 and at now on my P4 1.5Mh it needs something like 1 minute and 20 seconds to start.
      Since I need to change my EJB very often, and the hot deploy feature is not so nice when you change libraries, I have to restart it many times a day.
      Is there a way to obtain a faster start-up? Caching something from the previous deploy, maybe?
      I also use orion, which needs about 10 seconds to start ... because he deploys EJB only when they change, and I change only 1 EJB at a time, not all of the 35 jar ...
      Can anybody help me please

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          janprill Novice

          What exactly is your problem in using the hot deploy feature? You could develop against exploded archives in your deploy directory and shouldn't need to restart. Could you please provice more information about libraries you need to change?

          Best regards
          Jan Prill

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            alessandro_rizzi Newbie

            For example:
            1) I've started JBoss
            2) I've recompiled and rebuild a Jar (let's call it A.jar): I've seen JBoss re-deploing A.jar, correctly.
            3) I've start my application: I get this error:

            09:41:07,437 ERROR [LogInterceptor] Unexpected Error:
            java.lang.IllegalAccessError: tried to access class A from B

            (I use A and B, instead of the real names, just to simplify my explanation)

            Notice that both A and B are inside A.jar

            Now if I restart JBoss, everything works.
            Mind that A.jar is a library, I mean contains some classes which a used and inherited from classes that are in other jars, and those last classes are EJB.

            Is now more clear the situation?