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    Recreate Log Files

    Sanjeev Subbaramu Newbie

      If we delete the jboss.log or any other log written from within the JBoss application server proces, while JBoss is running, it does not recreate them. Can someone help me with this - how to configure Log4J to get this working. Now if I delete the log file while JBoss is running the only way I can see the logs again is by restarting JBoss...which should not be the practical way.
      Please let me know.

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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          What are you trying to do? Why don't you configure Log4J to truncate the log files after they reach a maximum size, that way you will be able to control the sizes.

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            Sanjeev Subbaramu Newbie

            Here is what we are trying to achieve:
            1. On a monthly basis we run an archive script that tars/compresses the log files etc... and removes the log files from the directory where it originally resides, making room for the newer logs.
            2. We have the log rotation size set too, size is totally under control.
            The problem is when we remove the logs files that JBoss is writing, when JBoss is running, they never get recreated.
            Is there anyway to make JBoss recreate these logs?
            Hope this gives a better picture...