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    Configure JBoss to use external libraries

    Shaolang Newbie


      There are a couple of libraries that JBoss (and other open projects as well) are dependent on. These includes log4j, xalan, xerces, etc, and most of which I'm already using it some way or another. How can I configure JBoss such that it would load these dependencies that reside outside of %JBOSS_HOME%/lib and %JBOSS_HOME%/server//lib?

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          Chirag Tailor Newbie

          We have to get our libraries in the ear or jar.
          Infact there is a major problem when we deploy JFreeChart latest version libraries which are already present in management/console-mgr.jar. If these are deployed, the latest deployed within your EAR are not recognized and NoDefClassFoundError is thrown.

          I believe getting them into your deployment is best as with change in version you have to change them only in your build file.