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    anybody got any idea where i can stick this ??

    Jim Stoll Newbie

      does anyone have an idea where the following snipet of XML is supposed to go. I am trying to invoke the Apache /soap/servlet/messagerouter as specÂ’ed out in the O'Reilly Java Web Services book. i have got a feeling that it should go somewhere in the deployment descriptor for Axis but i haven't been able to find such

       For soap web services .... serverName:8080 /soap/servlet/messagerouter
       <isd:service xmlns:isd="http://xml.apache.org/xml-soap/deployment"
       id="urn:oreilly-jaws-samples" type="message">
       <isd:provider type="java" scope="Application" methods="PurchaseOrder PurchaseOrderWithAttachment">
       <isd:java class="PurchaseOrderAcceptor"/>