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    a4j-portlet and MyFaces

    Björn Weinbrenner Newbie


      I tried to run the ajaxPortlet sample with the libs of MyFaces. The portlet ist rendered well and the ajax based functions are executed correctly. But when I clicked a button with action="#{somebean.somemethod} the method ist not executed. There aren't any exeptions. Is MyFaces actually not supported or do I make a mistake?


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          Sergey Smirnov Master

          what was the button (h:commandButton, t:commandButton, a4j:commandButton). Please, specify the problems you got in more details.

          When portlet support is developed exactly MyFaces were used for testing. So, we cannot say that MyFaces are not supported

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            Björn Weinbrenner Newbie

            I took the latest version of ajaxSamplePortlet. I replaced
            <h:commandButton action="repeater" value="Switch to repeater page" />
            <h:commandButton action="#{bean.repeater}" value="Switch to repeater page" />
            and created a method
            public String repeater() in the Bean.
            When using the sun implementation of jsf everything is alright. The method repeater is executed. When adding myfaces-libs to the war this method isn't executed when the button is pressed. When I debugged I saw that there is no ActionEvent created. viewRoot.events is empty.

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              Maxi Ng Newbie

              Could you please tell me where can i get ajaxSamplePortlet?
              I am trying to use ajax4jsf/a4j-portlet in portlet but have no succeed.
              I am using JbossAS portal bundle and JSF 1.1.1.
              thank you