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    howto ear-global container-configuration

    Michael Jürgens Newbie

      I try to deploy a ear-file global container-configuration for several ejb´s packed into different jar-files. All this jar files are packed into the ear file.

      I´ve tried to put a jboss.xml into the META-INF dir of the ear file.
      But the container-configuration is not found by the ejb´s.

      If I put it into standardjboss.xml or into the different jboss.xml of the jar files it will be found.

      Any suggestions , how to provide a ear-global configuration?



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          jae Master

          i don't believe this can be done, but i don't have the dtds in front of me at the moment - those would be your best bet to see if this is possible.

          however, if you need a global config, why not just define it in the standardjboss.xml file? the only drawback is if you need to modify it for whatever reason, it requires a server restart - and at the end of the day, i don't really see that as being too much different then redploying the app to make the change (i guess it could be an issue if you were running multiple/seperate apps in jboss)