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    Configuring an MBean which will be loaded by a different cla

    ranjithpillai Newbie

      Hello All,
      I have an application.ear which contains a startup class (Startup class which extends ServiceMBeanSupport) for the application. I added an entry for this MBean in user-service.xml file.
      mbean code="my.module.configuration.MyStartup"
      attribute name="InstanceName">sys10

      During JBoss startup, JBoss throws ClassNotFoundException "my.module.configuration.MyStartup" which is true because application.ear is loaded by another classloader so MyStart up class is not available in current classpath. What configuration do I need to give, to let JBoss knows that, this class can be located in application.ear file. Any insight into this will be deeply appreciated.

      Ranjith Pillai.