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    Deployment status for unknown deployment units


      I am working on JBoss 3.2.5:
      when deploying a deployment unit, JBoss doesn't find a suitable deployer for, the JAR deployer is trying to deploy this unit. This can end up with a ZipException and the unit is listed as deployed with state 'STARTED'.

      I suggested (with bug#996536) not to deploy unknown units. Ejort closed the bug with the reason "Your change would mean typos are unexpectedly ignored.", telling me to use the DeploymentFilter for units I don't want to have deployed.

      But this can be a problem. The guy doing our deployment can (unintended) deploy many units and I can't find any criteria making sense to configure the DeploymentFilter.

      My question: if JBoss tries to deploy everything not matching the configured criteria, shouldn't it be listed as FAILED when the JARDeployer (as "last-chance-deployer" ;-) couldn't deploy anything?