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    how to get  dynamic values for reRender in a4j

    meena k Newbie

      In one of our pages we have around six textareas and we have to reRender only the textareas where the text is entered when we click on the command link .
      So i need to get the list of the ids that should be reRendered dynamically.

      here is the sample code :

      <h:inputTextarea id="man_comm1" value="#{emp.empstate.comment3}" disabled="#{focal.edit3}" rendered="#{emp.empstate.rencom3}" rows="5" cols="40"/>
      <h:inputTextarea id="man_comm2" value="#{emp.empstate.prevComment3}" rows="5" cols="40" rendered="#{emp.empstate.rencom3}" readonly="true"/>

      <a4j:commandLink styleClass="button" reRender="#{emp.empstate.ren}" action="#{emp.empstate.updatecomments}">
      <h:graphicImage value="/images/button_update.jpg" styleClass="button" />
      <f:param name="sid" value="#{emp.empstate.model.employee.personSeqId}"/>