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    bank tutorial on jboss-4.0.0RC1

    James Gamber Newbie

      C:\jboss\tutorialstuff\bank>ant -f jboss-build.xml compile
      Buildfile: jboss-build.xml


      [javac] Compiling 1 source file to C:\jboss\tutorialstuff\bank\build

      C:\jboss\tutorialstuff\bank\jboss-build.xml:49: C:\jboss\jboss-4.0.0RC1\server\all\deploy\jboss-net.sar not found.

      Total time: 2 seconds

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          Darran Lofthouse Master

          JBoss 4 does not use jboss-net, the file is not found because it does not exist. Have a look in the Wiki for ws4ee.

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            Norman Richards Master

            There will be a new version of the getting started guide for JBoss 4.0 with working examples soon. It should go out with 4.0 final at the lastest.

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              Marc Logemann Newbie

              will this guide be free as the 3.x version? Because right now i cant see any 4.0 getting started guide on the public site.


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                James Gamber Newbie

                today was my lucky day, I actually got sourceforge cvs to talk to my computer.

                I found the JBoss-3.2 module to be empty.

                I first found the jboss module.

                Using the ant build.xml file from that, I found it wanted two more modules
                tools and thirdparty

                I then found it has a error in the build.xml, it refers to


                which should be


                Now it appears that the build file is only configured for sun computer, I am using Windows 2000 Prof.

                I get the following

                Buildfile: C:\jboss\buildjboss\jboss\build.xml
                Trying to override old definition of task property
                Overriding previous definition of reference to xdoclet.task.classpath
                BUILD FAILED: C:\jboss\buildjboss\jboss\build.xml:234: JavaCC home must be a valid directory.
                Total time: 4 seconds

                So time for a sanity check on this process. Am I on the right track? Why does the wiki and other start up stuff refer to JBoss-3.2

                I am now able to get to cvs via


                Note, some documentation refered to

                :pserver:anonymous@cvs.jboss.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/ which got me nowhere.....

                This has been a slow, confusing, and error prone process with lots of incorrect information provided. I still have not done a build of JBoss or the tutorial and can't hope to contribute to fixing any bugs until I can.